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Author Topic: independent timer / delay - tlc5940 or anywhere!  (Read 379 times)
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I am currently using Peter Mackeys code to drive a tlc5940. At the moment I have 32 LEDs that fade in and out sequentially.

His code loops the following:

void loop () {

But I want to create an adjustable delay that I can put at any point along the run of the LED chase. For example Id like led's 0-18 to light up and fade out as normal, and then LED#19 wont start until 3 seconds later.

What Ive done is made an incrementFadesA() and incrementFadesB(), where A's loop goes from 0-17, and B's goes from 18-31.

Because the tlc5940 needs to be updated constantly, putting in a simple delay(300); wont work.

Ive been trying things like

void loop () {


      if (millis()>=1500) {

but only incrementFadesA(); will work.

Is there an independent timer or sequence I can run that wont affect the setGreys() or feedPorts(), so that I can run incrementFadesB() at a later time?



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