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Has anyone ever used the Motor Mind B Enhanced motor controller with an Arduino board?

For now, I want to control one DC motor with the built-in serial commands from Motor Mind from my Arduino. For the final project, there will be 6 motors, which means that I need to figure out how use a "normal" digital Pin for serial communication. I need to send HEX values to drive the controller.

I was thinking to use the Arduino serial library for this, but find it a bit confusing at the moment and wonder whether I'm on right track to get my stuff to work...



You are on the right track with the software serial library.  What part do you find confusing?  The docs in the playground tell you how to include the library, and it behaves just like the hardware serial functionality.


True, it's not confusing....it's in fact quite clear!
I was confused by all the different examples that I found from the software serial start page....took me a while to identify what I should be reading first.


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