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Evening all,

I'm sure you are aware of the mad rise of Pokemon Go.

I was wondering whether the functionality of the accessory bracelet the "Pokemon Go Plus" could be replicated using an Ardunio based device, in the same way as the DIY Pebble I saw in Make?

As far as I know the Pokemon Go Plus Bracelet:

(1) connects with your smarthone via bluetooth;
(2) vibrates and flashes an LED when your phone tells it to.

I have vibration motors, a nano clone, a HC-06 BT module and some LEDs but I guess the hard parts would be getting the phone to recognise the nano as a "Pokemon Go Plus" and the nano decifering the signal from the phone.

Nobody has done this, which makes me think it's not easy! What would I have to learn to get a project like this up and running?


For starters you would need to decode the message protocol used by the two devices.


I think there are some guys working on that over on hackaday.io


all the protocol work is going on over here https://github.com/numinit/porygon/wiki/protocol

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