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Hey first post.. just got my arduino yesterday. done a few things with RGB codes in the past few hours..  single pot color fade ,auto color fade and what not. still slowly learning code.well I have a lot of cool things in mind but I think Ill start with my easiest project. my bathroom . Im gonna run about 12 feet of RGB ribbon total under my countertop and over and under large vanity. but also about 3 to 6 feet of white led ribbon aswell. Im gonna control the rgb with a single pot code i have. But I want all this to fade on when powered. and have the white leds lit along with the RGB ribbon.   just wondering if there are short cuts for this type of thing. if you can just chop codes together some how.. Ive known of the arduino for about a month now and very excited to learn. create my own projects and to mabe to help others with theirs.  thanks in advance .
                -Timmy P

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