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I need some help making an arduino control 2 servos to open and close a door...
For example I want to push a single momentary button (one push no holding it) button and the servos to activate.. and each one opens it respective door. Push the same button again and each servo activates and closes it's respective door.
I would also like the arduino to randomly output all kinds of different voltages to be hooked up to an old analog volt meter to make the needle jump around... and if that's not enough I'd like it to control a led bar to randomly sequence it left to right for 20 seconds then, left to right back to left for 20 seconds, then outward to inward for 20 seconds... (5 bar led like this to be turned on and off with a knob!)

I know this is asking a lot but i know that a lot of smart people out on the net here can help me out!!!!

Thanks so much in advance!!!
schematic along with sketch/program would be ever so helpful....
thanks again to all that help me out with this!


Want it to cook some breakfast too?  The best way to engage someone else to help with your project is to show how much you've done so far.


cooking breakfast would be cool... but no...
I have some minor circuits already built just don't understand how I interface with all of them or if I need to make the arduino run them...
If anyone can acutally help it would be much appreciated...


If you break you project into several little projects you could try to solve them yourself.

Start with interfacing to button, than a LED bargraph, then a servo, then a voltmeter.

And if you at any times got any problems, try to solve it yourself (this is the key to learning somethihing), then ask google, then try again yourself and if it's still not doing as supposed to, you are welcome to post here.

I'm not sure anyone would want to solve you problem/project for you.

Would not that ruin the exitement for you anyhow?

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