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Looking for a little guidance.

I have searched Youtube and Instructables and even in here.  But maybe I am not
seeing the obvious project that will help me down my path.  So for that any
assistance given will be MOST appreciated.

I want to build a sound board that will be WAV based.  My collection of several
hundred will be stored on an SD card.

I have seen many nice sound boards but they are button based 4-9 buttons.  There
are even some that offered levels of sound generation with varying distortions
which I thought were cool.

I know that a computer is probably more horsepower to accomplish this but I want
to have something flat with an easy display.

The reason I want something low-profile is that I am working on a YouTube channel
so I do not want the distraction of a computer, keyboard and screen.

I was thinking that my display can show me the categories (SciFi, Horror, Sports,
cartoon, etc...)  I could scroll thru those using a potentiometer.  Then click a
button to save that WAV to its own play back button.

Depending on the amount of play back buttons, I could create (in theory) pre-programmed
shows quickly.  As an added benefit also have some distortion options during the WAV
file being played back.



I'm sure a Teensy and a Teensy Audio Board can do what you want.

There's probably professional equipment that can do it better but I am guessing the Teensy solution can be put together more cheaply.
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