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May 13, 2009, 09:54 pm Last Edit: May 13, 2009, 10:03 pm by AlphaBeta Reason: 1
We really need some sort of guidelines on what is accepted to post on this forum.
A set of rules is in place.

Maybe say something about:
Max banner/footer size and content.
-->[something like]Either use an image that is a link, or a link, in addition to a link to any affiliated companies.
How to search efficiently, and that is expected to do so.
Where to post what.

Share Knowledge
Accept that this community is an international one, and some will not be able to write English correctly
Be Helpful
Always assume that a post is meant in the best possible way. Interpret it to the better.

[size=14]Do Not:[/size]
Start Threads Only For The Sake Of Starting Them
Bump Threads

[edit]I am/might seem a bit out-of-place on this one but the 'rules' stated are only meant as examples.
The rules would, ofcourse, have to come from higher authority, in order for them to be useful.

/me humbly request some rules that can be referred to when someone (with or without bad intent) post something(s) that are unacceptable or behave in a 'bad' way.


kevin duino

dont make this like roblox.
i got banned so many times becouse they are soo mean there.
but yeah, some rules would be nice =P


I'll second the OP's suggestion.  Although I don't know who you might be refering to.


kevin duino

you dont have to cough and


im banned for making a joke about crashing ur computer =\

you could tell it was fake


Seems to be approaching a near spam level.   :)

Seriously Kevin, please try to read more posts than you make!

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