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Hello to the Arduino community!

I have 2 DS1307 RTCs and i want to connect them to the same I2C bus.

I have read the datasheet of DS1307 but i can not find something that states how to change the default address.

Is it possible to change the default address of DS1307? So i can program each of them with a different time (kind of World Time project).

Thank you :)


I see no indication of being able to change the address.

Why not use a single DS1307 and simply calculate the difference is software?  If you only care about time of day it's a simple operation.



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I agree. Also be aware that man with one watch always knows the time, man with two watches never really sure.  ;)



Hey guys

Thanks for you replies.

Never though it that way! I will try the software approach.

And yes, imagine what a confusion would be when having multiple watches showing different times  :D


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