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Taking mem's simplification and reducing it even more...


Although I think the designs that use the arduino board shape as a basis look good, I think the board shape / form factor no longer is a constant. The Mini and Mega ruined it!  ;)

I for one, would like the logo not to be based upon one of the shapes or their outlines.

And for the spirit of this thread, I shall make a suggestion for you to dissect.  :D


Maybe we should brainstorm first WHAT does arduino stand for, and then try to put it in a logo.
my bit:

-lots of LED :)


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As promised:

I think of physical computing.

[Which is why the sprockets fade into schematics and traces and end with a binary 'mosaic'.]


AlphaBeta, I like your logo :-)
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AlphaBeta, I like your logo :-)

Thank you :)

I just made another one, same basic layout though.

Arduino with the LED lit  ;)


Arduino with the LED lit  

What, can't make it blink?  ;)



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Hi, I'm a long time reader first time poster.

Anyhow, I put this together, yesterday after checking this thread.


i am weird for saying i hate icecream trucks, but they are annoying, one was in front of my house when i made this so, heres what i came up with


I think the icon that comes with the program would be the closest.
` r


I like this one:

IMHO think it should be kept simple

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