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Sometimes, it's just nicer to climb the dang tree and measure it yourself.  I've got the gear in a box in my shed and have done some climbing in my day.  It would take me twice as long these days to get up there.  But it's a whole lot better than sitting in traffic.  Or moving in traffic for that matter.


if your whole life is spent in the pursuit of living for the food and shelter for that day, there is little meaning in one's life.
I suspect it would give more meaning. Certainly more meaning than 3 hours watching TV or doing whatever people do with Facebook.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Thanks all for anticipation and suggestions , this product is needed for a forest department in India to calculate the Diameter dividing the Eucalyptus Plants  into sectors  , living , dead with GPS marking on google maps with the details like diameter ... a big project and this part is very crucial .

trying few of your advises .

Thanks a ton for your help and suggestions .


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