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I notice that the PDIP version of the Atmega328P is now pretty much impossible to buy anywhere. Come on Atmel, get your finger out your ass !!

Ran Talbott

When I checked a couple of weeks ago,  Mouser said they had thousands scheduled to arrive about this coming Friday or Monday.


Now they are saying August.


Last time (actually yesterday) I ordered (or tried to) 10 ATmega168-20AU (SMD), but I only got 3 !
The river has dried out as it seems.

If you desperately need DIP chips, I still have 3 ATmega168 left and they're even bootloaded (by her Ladyadaship or entourage).

Just say a number ;-)


Good thing I stocked up!!!


We have lots of 168's and 328's (dip) style anyway here at http://FunGizmos.com


Does that mean I shouldn't hold my breath for samples from Atmel?
That's so frustrating! I've just found a great use for a 328 (lovely 2kb SRAM).

I suppose you're going to tell me I can't get any XMegas or Mega1284s either ;)


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My preferred shop has informed me that the 328s in SMD form factor might be available by mid of August 2009. But that didn't sound too convincing.


I'm after at least 50 of the Atmega328P chipns in DIP-28 format.

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