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Is there any book specifically for programming Arduino for beginners or I should I continue with my C programming course, because I'm only learning C to program Arduino.
In C programming books we see keywords, functions, examples and illustrations of things related to daily life, but I want to learn C programming specifically for Arduino where there should be examples related to arduino programming only, so I want to ask is there any book for programming arduino which suits my need?

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In french a fantastic ebook :


I agree with mrburnette about Jack Purdum's Beginning C for Arduino (second ed.). I also recommend Simon Monk's Programming Arduino Next Steps as your second book. And yes, continue with your C course. It will help you become a better programmer.
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For what it is worth.

I like the "Arduino Cookbook by Michael Margolis.
You can find it on Sparkfun's web site.

The "Arduino Workshop" is good.  You can also find it at Sparkfun.


Hope this helps... Rich

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