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able to note/ record the number of swing u made n save it in the lilyboard


That was not part of my code, but it could be done. You should start out from the basics tho, get the lilypad to read data from the accelerometer... as for my code, it seems I have deleted it accidentally a while back.

Use the example code for the accelerometer (I referred to it in a previous post), and change it up for your setup (e.g.: the pins you use)

Did you ever get a program to upload btw? That was kind of an important problem to get resolved.


Yup.. i got the blink uploaded... Now the Lilypad will blink but when i plug in it will also blink so it doesn't make a different but this time i am able to see Done Uploading frond the Program.

Use the example code for the accelerometer ? - does it means i Program it in the lilypad but for the accelerometer?


O ya! 1 very important question if i were to use the conductive thread to combine the accelerometer and the lily pad up do i need to follow a protocol to do it as i see the lilypad has number indicated at each of the tiny holes..


The acceleometer needs to be connected to +5V, Gnd, and 3 analog pins.

Whichever pins you connect it too, those are the ones you program the lilypad to read from.

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