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Here's a list of topics that we might want to discuss for 1.0, although I'm sure there will also be things that don't fit into any of them.

* IDE Design and Usability: better (automatic?) selection of serial port and board, an improved serial monitor, embedded links / images / circuits, sketch file extension, etc.

* Build Process and Platforms: third-party hardware support, pre-processing of sketches (and compatibility with advanced C/C++ code), library management, etc.

* Core Functions: optimizations or modifications to existing APIs, e.g. digitalWrite() or Serial.print(byte)

* Additional Functions and Examples: other protocols, components, etc. that we should support

* Exposing Additional Microcontroller Functionality: especially timers and interrupts, but possibly analog comparator, etc.

* Additional Sketch Syntax / Higher-Level Primitives: e.g. "magic" callbacks (like serialEvent() in Processing), event-based functions (e.g. on rising edge), state-machine support, additional pre-processor directives

* Development Process: who participates, the decision-making process, testing, release schedules and process, etc.
In particular, we should keep in mind the goals of lowering the floor (making it easier for beginners to get started) and raising the ceiling (increasing the flexibility and capabilities of the platform).


better (automatic?) selection of serial port and board

Yep, that would be great. I have 4 different boards to play with now (two are the pro and duemilanove so they stay the same but the rest are different). I use all of them quite a lot for different things and i often forget to change board/serial port if more than one of them is plugged in.

Maybe a confirmation dialog when you click upload...



How about just getting rid of the Tools + Board and Tools + Serial port menu items, and put drop down menus on the tool bar. The field would show the selected com port or board name, or be blank if nothing was selected.

No more hiding the board or port, and much easier to see at a glance that the right stuff is selected.


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No more hiding the board or port, and much easier to see at a glance that the right stuff is selected.

Yep, I like that idea. Somethin' like:

COM Port: |COM 3[ch9660]|    Board: |Duemilanove/Pro w/328 [ch9660]|



I'm not sure if the stop button is supposed to do anything, but it doesn't do anything on my computer :P.  Maybe make it functional (or is this just my computer being dumb?)?

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