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I have bought LilyPad Arduino 328 Main Board (Dev-09266). Along with this I have also boughtLilyPad LiPower (Dev-08786), 7 segment display, therml thread. Is it enough or I have to buy other objects also for starting a project? I dont know how to connect Arduino Main Board to computer.



You'll need one of these to program the LilyPad.


Is it enough or I have to buy other objects also for starting a project?

That depends on what project you have in mind. You must have had something in mind when you let go of the money.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


You mean "FTDI Basic Breakout - 5V
sku: DEV-09115"
On that page I also found
"USB miniB Cable - 6 Foot"
Will my 368 Arduino main Board would be connected by Dev 09115 or I would be needing USB miniB cable also?

What is the purpose of:
LilyPad LiPower (Dev-08786)?

How can I connect lithium cells?

I want to program 7-segment display and connect it with a T-shirt. Kindly tell me what else I would be needing for this project? I have already speny more than 100$ but i cant do any work. Kindly tell me some attractive project with the cktry and parts for the T-shirt.



Yes, you'll need the USB miniB cable, too.

The Dev-08786 is to attach the battery to. Run wires from it to the lilypad, to power the lilypad.

Your battery needs to have a JST connector that plugs into the LilPower.

You've spent more than $100 on parts, and you don't know what to do with the parts you've bought? Good move.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


Thanks for your reply. Its a new stuff for me. Can you design a ckt diagram for interfacing lilypad arduino with a 7-segment display? This would make the things clearer. Because as you say I have to buy some more components and in this regard the  ckt diagram can greatly help me. Or kindly guide me to any place for such a diagram. I have to purchase some more components and I dont want to make any guess now.



I would recommend to start off with a arduino 2009.
So no need of a programming cable.
Then i would try to drive some leds. Then more leds. then 7 leds (like your 7segment-display....)

Or even better:

if you have finished all projects, you will have tons of ideas, how make this world better with YOUR project.

You can do all the projects with you lilypad too, but with the lilypad, you can't simply plug cables in. you have to solder, or use conductive thread for the connections.


Thanks for your attention. I dont have arduino 2009. I have lily pad arduino 328 main board. Kindly guide me about the projects related to it. I saw the manual but it says I cant modify the projects. Sorry to say I work in a learning environment where people normally built upon the things. I have a 7-segment display. Tell me how I can interface it with a simple cktry.

Waiting for reply on this.



Kindly guide me about interfacing lilyPad Arduino with a 7-segment display with a circuitry??



The boards are very similar (although they don't look alike)... the guide posted here should be able to help you, you will just have to change some things around so it works for your setup (that is, the lilypad rather than the 2009)

How do you plan to attach the 7 segment display to your shirt?


I saw a video at the following site:

But it showed a cktry first. I dont have the cktry. Once I get the cktry, I would have to just do the attachnments using conductive thread. This would also give me a clear picture of what are the additional requirements so that I would buy them in one go.

I want to program the lilypad so that it shows the count from 0-9. This is my idea. If you want to add on it , I would appreciate it.



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It's spelt: circuitry


Yes you are right. I need a circuitry.



A 7 segment LED is just like 7 seperate LEDs, do a little research on how to wire a LED and then do it for each segment.  The exact circuit depends on whether what you have is common anode or common cathode and how the particular manufacturer has wired your particular display.  Get the datasheet for your particular display and work out which pins are connected to each segment and then wire each through a resistor to a digital pin.   Then you write a sketch to turn each segment on or off accordingly.  There no magic, just a little thinking and googling.

In this case the correct phrase is 'I need a circuit' (just to confuse you).


Ok I would search about it and then inform you people.

Kindly inform me how to send attachments on this forum.

I really  appreciate your efforts to improve my English. You people are always welcome.


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