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Oct 20, 2016, 01:29 pm Last Edit: Oct 20, 2016, 01:30 pm by ElCaron

actually for a few projects, I currently face the problem of monitoring multiple inputs with interrupts. Involved hardware devices are Teensys and ESP8266 (just mentioning that in case someone has hardware specific caveats).

With the ESP, I want to read multiple PWM signals. The issue is that they are coming from the same device, so it is to be expected that rising flanks are in sync.The falling flanks MAY be in sync, but do not necessarily have to. If I understand correctly, an interrupt routine is not triggered while another routine is running, so I would quite probably miss signals if I just used multiple interrupts.

I could think of a few things to get around that. For example, I could check all lines for changes when any interrupt is triggered. Still, a change could occure between the digitalRead and the end of the routine. Are there any other ideas? Is there a standard way deal with this?
If I REALLY want to be sure I do not miss any change (the Teensy project is not for PWM but other signals - what I need there is basically a logic analyser), should I just use multiple MCU?


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That is a good thing to make everything a bit faster, but do I overlook any fundamentally different solution with that?

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