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Hi, I'm looking to meet up with people or groups who use Arduino. I'm based in Fareham on the South Coast so looking for people or groups in Portsmouth or Southampton.

Ideally I'd like to tag along or meet up and learn about programming and building systems. I m a complete newcomer, however I don't want to be given the answers on a plate. I won't learn anything that way. Rather I'd like to meet up, chat about projects and pick up the knowledge in an environment that is social as well as techie.

Too much to ask? Hopefully not.
Feel free to send me a message on here or via the PM function.

Thanks for your time - Damian


Similar to you, got an idea for a project, but very little idea of how to do it. I also would like to learn by picking brains within a group.
Did you get any responses from other people round your area.
I am in Weymouth, bit far out, but if there is a group somewhere around the south coast area, would be interested.


Hackerspaces usually have members who are into Arduino. Some even have regular Arduino meetups.
See http://www.hackspace.org.uk/  for a list of most of the hackerspaces in the UK.


I am a design engineer in Portsmouth, I did use arduino for quite a few projects in my job as well as having fun with it. although I am by no means an arduino expert I think I now have a good experience with his practical uses.. would be fun to meet for a beer and a chat

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