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Hello Arduino Community,

I'm using the analog input pin on a Arduino Due board. The voltage "should" be between 0.15 V and 3.15 V however it is possible to exceed this so I would like to build a protection for the analog input.

The voltage source is a operational amplifier (so low output resistance) and "can" be up to +13 V and -13 V. According to the datasheet of Arduino Due, the resistance of the voltage source for analog input should not exceed 10k.

I've found two different solutions on this forums using
a) a series resistance (about 22k) to lower the current
b) a combination of two resistors and two diodes.

What would be a "safe and simple" solution?


If you want to maintain accuracy of the reading, I'd use op-amps to actively clamp to >=0 and <=3.3v (the SAM3X datasheet suggests this is fine, I couldn't find the absolute max figures).

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