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Tried all PLX 2.x versions. After pressing CONNECT button, controller message says "Timer reset"..no any data in debug window.
Hi Dan,
duh tough question. Never heard of such an issue before. Can you post your code and a screenshot please?
"Timer reset" sounds at least like he is connecting to Arduino correctly. Is the baud rate adjusted as in your code?

By the way, The original Paralax PLX-DAQ (uploaded on Paralax website 2014) works fine with same Excel 2010 , on both win7/10.
Yeah as long as you stick with Office 32bit it will - regardless of your Windows installation. As soon as you upgrade to Office 64bit it won't work any further.


Hello NetDevil,

I am simply trying to run the example AutoGrapher-RandomValue you have in the zip file with the version 2.11, but it crashes after maybe 70 rows. Is this normal? I followed the advice and have not moved or even clicked anything after clicking connect.

Excel kept crashing on my other program I have been trying for a few days to use, so I decided to go back to the basics and use some code you provided. It's not working either. I've got Windows 10, and Microsoft 365.

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