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I'm soon to release v2.0 of my "mqtt-firmware-in-a-box" Arduino library that lets you create e.g. your own MQTT-controlled Sonoff firmware in less than 20 lines of code. Basically it does pretty much everything for you and exposes a load of callbacks which are all run in a single serial queue, to avoid 90% of the common problems we see so often. And all with a nice real-time GPIO flashing LED view on a web page...

I've written two posts on my blog (to generate interest - let's be honest!)


But this is also a good time for you to suggest anything else - new or changed - you might want / need / find helpful in the "finished" product. (It'll never be finished - I'm a "tweaker"... :) )

I hope you will like it.
My blog http://8266iot.blogspot.com

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