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well... i just get started with arduino.. the tools i use is....
Hardware:Arduino duemilanove& Arduino LCD&KeyPad Shield
Software:arduino-0018 addon a libraries LCD4Bit
i was just using the example code... but come out a error.. and i dunno how to fix it ;D can any expert lend a hand?

#include <LCD4Bit.h>

LCD4Bit lcd = LCD4Bit_(2)

char msgs [5][15] = {"Right Key OK ",
                    "Up Key OK    ",
                    "Down Key OK  ",
                    "Left Key OK  ",
                    "Select Key OK  ",
int adc_key_val[5]  ={30, 150, 360, 535, 760  };

int NUM_KEYS  =  5;

int adc_key_in;

int key=-1;

int oldkey=-1;

int setup ()  {
 lcd.printIn("KEYPAD testing... pressing");

void loop()

 adc_key_in = analogRead(0)
 digitalWrite(13, HIGH);
 key = get_key(adc_key_in);
       if (key != oldkey)
         adc_key_in = analogRead(0);
         key = get_key(adc_key_in);
         if (key != oldkey)
           oldkey = key;
           if (key >=0){
             lcd.cursorTo(2, 0);

 int k;
 for (k = 0; k< NUM_KEYS; k++)
   if (input<adc_key_val[k])
   { return k;}
 if (k >= NUM_KEYS)
     k= -1;
  return k;
error: new declaration 'int setup()'C:\Users\Demonx5\Desktop\Arduino Project\arduino-0018\hardware\arduino\cores\arduino/wiring.h:126: error: ambiguates old declaration 'void setup()'


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