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I just got a few Arduino Micro ( or Leonardo Micro or whatever you want to call it..) with the onboard USB connector.
I just killed the 3rd one now after 5 sec.
I am running WIn 10, 64bit, arduino 1.6.5
I plug in the Arduino board and  it shows up as Com port 6 in the device manager..
The IDE finds it and I can upload exactly 1 times as arduino/genuino micro, however the upload fails and then the board is no longer detected on USB,
this appears in the USB list: Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)
after that it becomes unusable, dead.
any idea what is wrong? i think I just go back to the good ol micro without the USB connector.
Is there a way to save the chip?



open the IDE and open the blink example, double tap the reset button, click UPLOAD.
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This  is an issue with all microcontrollers with native USB - if you upload sufficiently broken code, you can hose the USB such that it's not able to tell it to restart and run the bootloader to upload new code.

Fix, as noted above, is to manually reset the board while attempting to upload. The timing can be tricky (don't forget that the tools -> port menu needs to have the correct COM port selected - but said COM port may only be available on that menu for the few seconds after pressing the reset button. Ideally, you won't have to change it, since it will be set to whatever it was when you last uploaded to the board)
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" The timing can be tricky "
but too bad - select File:Preference and turn on Verbose outputs.
Start the IDE download, and press & Hold Reset.
When the IDE shows "Compiled xxx of 32xxx bytes", release the reset button.
Should be able to get the right release time in a try or two.

Ooh, a Micro - I don't know if 32U4 with built-in USB works the same, never tried one.
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