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Hi guys

I was just trying some measurement with  a brand new multimeter that is able to read PWM and frequencies and wanted a PWM signal on one of the pin of my Mega 2560

So I write a very simple code :
Code: [Select]
void loop(){
analogWrite (8, 127);

But impossible to get a signal.
I change the pin to another one then another one but still nothing !

Using the voltmeter, I tried different value for PWM analogWrite(pin, PWMvalue) and get 0V from 0 to 254 and 5V for 255 !

Then I tried the #13 pin as it has the embeded LED and there I got some very strange behavior :
analogWrite(13, 255), would light the LED continuously with 5V on its pin.
analogWrite(13, 0 to 254) would blink the led at low frequency about 1 or 2Hz with a MORSE signal like .._.._.._ with . for led ON and _ for led OFF. The shape of the blinking seems exactly the same for all PWM value in the range 0-254.

Would anybody have an explanation and a solution to this prolem ?


Do you need to do
pinMode (8, OUTPUT);
with that?
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Well, I've done it in the setup() but still.

Plus as stand the Reference at : https://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/AnalogWrite
"You do not need to call pinMode() to set the pin as an output before calling analogWrite()"

But in any case, it doesn't make any change. I still got the problem !

Very very strange !


I put exactly the same code in a NANO and it worked as attended.

But on my Mega, all the PWM pin behave only as nonPWM !

I wonder if my Mega is fucked ?

Any chance I could save it ?


If this was a Civil Engineering forum would there be posts like "I need to build a bridge. Someone send me drawings."


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Are you compiling for the correct board? Pin 8 is not a PWM pin on a Nano and neither is pin 13.

If it's not a PWM pin, analogWrite() will use a digitalWrite(pin, LOW) for values < 128 and digitalWrite(pin, HIGH) for other values.

not sure if it's your issue; I think that avrdude would complain and you did not mention that so I'm probably in the wrong track.
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You're absolutely right about pin 8 and 13 of the nano !

But my problem is with PWM on my Mega2560 and yes I upload with checking the right board to upload to !

I've been talking about the nano only because I compared the same code on nano and Mega2560 to make some comparison.

What I should do is comparing wth another Mega 2560, but I have only one ! The supposedly broken one.

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