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Hello guys, I am having surprising amounts of trouble with something that ought to be trivial. The code below compiles fine:


class Foo {
    int x;
  Foo(float f) {
  int getX() {
    return x;

void setup() {
  Foo f = Foo(3.1415927);

void loop() {

My class Foo is perfectly useable in setup and all is perfect with the universe. That is, until I try using it as a return value or an argument to a function e.g. adding this after loop():


Foo zonk(float f) {
  return Foo(f);

Gets me a:
error: 'Foo' does not name a type

while this:


int zonk(Foo f) {
  return f.getX();

tells me that:
error: 'Foo' was not declared in this scope

Why is the great big chunk of code defining the class at the start of the sketch not good enough when trying to use the class in this context?


Putting the class definition in a separate file, Foo.h, and #including Foo.h in the sketch lets the int zonk function compile.
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Ah, thank you. I was hoping I wouldn't have to write a library if all I want to do is use a small class but anyway, I did and it worked.


you can also put the class/function prototypes at the beginning of the script.  Which may be more appropriate than splitting things into separate files for this sized application, easier to share it and for folks to run it then too.

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