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I am a new user of arduino, I wanted to make a communication between 2 arduinos.
So by looking on this forum I found very intersting links on this subject but it is always a little blurry.
do I have the right to use "proteus" for the simulation? And I wanted to see the msg exchanged between the two microcontrollers ..

NB: I use simulation because the cards I bought have not come yet.

Thank you for helping me.

 The links I found:



do I have the right to use "proteus" for the simulation?
You would need to ask that on the useless simulator forum.

OK, so I misspelled proteus. Big deal.
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You can use a logic analyzer or an oscilloscope to see the exchange of data between the two arduino boards. The oscilloscope I use will actually display the byte sent using the SPI protocol. This is a feature of many logic analyzers.

Of course, you can also do this by hand: at each rising edge, note whether the MOSI or MISO line is HIGH(1) or LOW(0). Then combine the string of 1's and 0's to form a byte. Then reference the ascii table.
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you can use. connect SPI debugger, connect the logic analyzer, connect the oscilloscope in SPI pins.
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