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Hi all,
I made my own interpreter and intepreted language (starting from uBasic), it has some interesting features and can run programs from sd card (so you don't have to load the entire program in SRAM).

It can be used as a standalone interpreter or you can set up a minimal shell you can use interactively (from serial or ethernet) or to remotely manage i/o from a bash script!
You can also customize the language with user definde function.

Hope you'll have a look!



Impressive Project!

Good documentation!

Well done!  :)


Thank you! :)

I recently added the possibility to define subprograms and as soon as possible I would like to port this interpreter on an esp8266 since I think that (on more powerful hw) it could be used to create an easy and convenient "environment" for IOT rapid prototyping.



Hi all,
I received some positive feedback about this project so I decided to develop a nice example of application made using the AVIL interpreter.

I made an "industrial like" controller for a meArm robot extending the language with a few functions.
You'll be able to:

  • manually jog your meArm
  • "teach" the robot as many positions as you want (they'll be stored on the sd card)
  • let the meArm interact with the real world using the digital I/O of the Arduino board
  • control the arm with AVIL programs stored on the sd card

Have a look here!


And here to learn more about it!

meArm Robot Controller



I fixed some problems in the website, now you can have access to a complete documentation here:


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