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I did finished it up on Sunday.  My wife loves it
I am not a EE or anything so dont have a schematics.
I used the MAX6675 from here http://ryanjmclaughlin.com/store/featured/nulzg.html with his library.  I was able to wire in my switches and a transistor to run the SSR using that shield.
In the code I ended up using the PID beta6 library. The code follows the system96 glass fusing specs and does a decent job of doing it.
The final fused glass products look good.



Nice work Glen...

I'm still tinkering with mine.


Hi Glenn, any chance you would share the code? My mother has a Kiln that needs a new controller, and progress is slow due to lack of time...


I will I am not a great code writer.  Probably better ways of doing then what I did.

Where be the appropriate place to put the code?

I never wrote a parts list or made a schematic.
The SSR that I used is a Potter & BrumField T92P7D52-12 which is what was recommended by the company I got the original control mentioned in my first post.

Reasonably price at Digikey.



Pwillard thanks for the kudos.
The little misses was interested in getting it done NOW so not much choice on tinkering.  

I wanted to change the case that is cracked but was warned on threat of death that I will not take it apart.

Once again thank you


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Oh and just to make you feel better...

I believe that very few of us are professionals and that we all have a clear understanding tha this *is* a hobby for most... and the coding might not be "awesome"... in fact... it would be interesting to see the roots and inspirations of your work.

I seldom tackle a problem without looking to see what's already available... like looking for a LEGO piece you know must be out there and then BAM you find it and make use of it in your project.

My focus with my project lately has been on  building a SERIAL LCD backpack that my project needs since I don't want to use the LCD library and lose all those pins.

Meanwhile... wife is still waiting for the completed project... I feel bad now.   :-(


SparkFun came to my rescue, Here is what I used for my LCD.  It only uses one pin for serial but it is more expensive than just a plain LCD.


The library I used http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Learning/SparkFunSerLCD

As far as my inspiration was the the HABS project and reading stuff in the PID loop post by Brett, zer0vector, and you.

I have been asked for the code several times and have sent PM's to people with it was wondering if I should just post it here, but really does not seem like the correct place.



HAHA!   I know the HABS code very well!  Good Choice.

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