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I'm very new - and tried to follow the 'Blink' example, but after completeing first line I get the error message "bash: System error near unexpected token '('.
I note that in my first line of code   "void setup()   {"    the line begins with a '$' symbol.

Frustrated !!


Please post ALL your code using the # insert code button in the toolbar.

That will make it a lot easier for people to help you.

It's probably a simple typo :-)


Told you I was new - so here goes again.

I used 'Cygwin' to open the input screen - and after the identifcation line "Glynn@Glynn - PC", I entered the following code:
                   $  void setup()   {
before attempting to move to the next line (by pressing Enter). Incidentially the '$' symbol was already embedded - and I could not remove.

When I presseed Enter the following error message appeared:
          bash: System error near unexpected token '('

Still frustrated - probably out of sheer ignorance - but would appreciate some help in trying tro learn the use of code fopr Ardunio.cc

Coding Badly

Have you downloaded the Arduino IDE?


Yes - I downloaded the 'software' from the Arduino Home page into my Windows Vista.  File name 'arduino-0022.zip'.


Did you follow the instructions on the page, to unzip the file?

Did you see the step about double-clicking on Arduino.exe to start the program?

THAT is where you type/paste code.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


Thank you - finally made it, and I have the Blink example working.

I had not unzipped (extracted) the arduino-0022.zip file.  Incidentially that too about 1.5 hours.

Thank you again for your advice - but, I have no doubt, I will be back as I set off on the Arduino voyage of discovery.

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