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Mike Mc

Incredible engineering. The first thing that popped into my mind was that this is the perfect way for a planetary rover to get around using the power of the planets wind. The whole design is very lightweight. Even a motor powered unit would enable it to move over great distances quickly and more efficiently than a wheel.

Ran Talbott

We-e-l-l-l,  before packing one off to another planet,  I'd want to see a couple of them show a little "evolutionary initiative",  and spontaneously escape over the dunes  8-)

When I look at the videos,  I only see the Crochet Critters frolicking on surfaces that are pretty smooth,  flat,  firm,  and free of obstacles.  Unless their little feetsies are a lot heavier than they look,  Jansen's animals have a relatively high CG,  that can easily get outside their base of support on a fairly modest slope.

I suspect that an attempt to climb a dune against any but the gentlest of downslope breezes would turn them from "artificial animals" into "artificial tumbleweeds"  :'(



some lead horseshoes and a set of upgraded high torque motors should fix that  ;)

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