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I'm new at this and still ealrning alot of stuff but I find myself having extreme difficulty with this :'(



I have no idea what a Gm3 gear motor is, nor how you have it connected, or what code you are running, or what problems you are having. It's going to be very hard to help you.

Post a link to the Gm3 gear motor you have, some code, and a description of how the motor is connected to the Arduino, and describe what problems you are having.


http://www.solarbotics.com/products/gm3/ theres a like to the type of motors im using and basically what im asking is that ive tryed many tuturials on how to learn but im stuck on how exactly to set it up and program.... i need a point to start basically, becuase this motor only has a positive and negative wire :o andd the servos have three wires to set up so i have no idea how to set up this kind of motor


Those motors draw up to 733mA of current. The Arduino can supply a maximum of 40mA, so there is no way you can safely connect that motor to the Arduino directly.

You need some sort of motor controller board and external power supply. The motor controller board will require two pins - one of which is a PWM pin. The PWM pin is used to adjust the speed of the motor. The other pin sets the direction (one way when the pin is HIGH; the other way when the pin is LOW).


so itd be a bad idea to put in the arduino directly?


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so itd be a bad idea to put in the arduino directly?

Well, I wouldn't plug it directly into my Arduino. I like my Arduinos.


well what my teacher was just telling me was its an dc motor :o so woould i use a motor shield to hook it up?


That would be a good starting point as the motor shields I've seen all contain driver IC's specifically designed to work with motors...

You might want to do some reading on the various driver IC's (L293D's etc) so get an understanding of what they do and why you need them, and why you need to externally power motors like that...

Is life really that serious...??!

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