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Sorry if this has been answered before. i promise i searched and searched.

I followed the instructions on the ladyada site and even tried this approach:

in both cases i'm to #include "util.h", which isn't found when compiled. and it's not included with the WaveShield, but that doesn't surprise me as i suspect that "util.h" is a root class, much like "math.h" is.

btw, i searched and searched for "math.h", hoping that if i found that i could figure the location of util.h out. no luck. i know it exists, as i can compile #include "math.h".

a buddy sent me a copy of a program he wrote using the WaveShield, which worked. I've seen, or rather, heard, it. so i know it works for him. soon as i open it i see:
Code: [Select]

#include <AF_Wave.h>
#include <avr/pgmspace.h>
#include <util.h>
#include <wave.h>

sure enough... util.h throws an error.

soooooo.... now what? i'm friggin' stuck! for now i can use a piezo speaker and just play some tones to represent the sound files that should play. so i can still more forward in the meantime, but at some point i'll need to figure out this WaveShield problem.

thanks for your time and help in advance,
shields (kind of a noob)

ps/fyi: i just re-installed my arduino program with the newest version available on the site.


Your operating system? Your buddy's operating system?

On my computer, there is a util.h in the AF_Wave library.
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yes, sorry. i'm using a Mac with OS 10 on it here at work. he's using a PC with Windows Vista, I believe, on it.

and i was trying to use the newer WaveHC vs  AF_Wave. Maybe that's the problem.... maybe i inadvertently applied something from one version to the other.

i should go check on that...


Annnnnnnnnddddd.... i've just proven myself to be an idiot!  :o lol

yup. he was using the older version, i downloaded the newer libraries with out realizing he was using the older version. soooo when i tried to  build off of his example, it didn't work.

so that's a huge part of the problem. now that i know i was on the wrong track, let me see if i can get this working now.

thanks for pointing out the error of my ways!

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