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I am a teacher of blind children. They use an Screen reader software to work with computers (JAWS or NVDA). I've tried Arduino 1.8 and is not accessible with the screen reader.
We can type the code in a Notepad and them copy and paste in the space of Arduino 1.8.
But then they need the help of the teacher to process the programme.
Do you know any solution? any library or how can I use Arduino software with blind children?
Thank you

M Teresa Corbella


I have been somewhat successful using JAWS with the Arduino IDE in a Windows environment, and also using VoiceOver on the Mac.  The trick to accessing the IDE under Windows, for me, has been to install and enable the Java Access Bridge.  The Mac does not require this.

A few warnings about the IDE with a screen reader:

  • The status bars for each window (below the edit area and below the compiler notification window) are completely inaccessible at the time of this writing.  There is simply no way I have found to even route a virtual cursor there and read the information in the bar.
  • I typically turn off line numbering, as the screen reader will always treat this as a separate object and read all the line numbers prior to moving to the edit text - if it reads them at all.
  • Even with the Java Access Bridge installed and enabled in Windows, I have noticed JAWS will start the
    session by inaccurately reading by line.  For example, it will read the current line correctly.  Moving to line two re-reads line one.  Moving to line three reads line two, and so forth.  To 'fix' this, tap the Alt key to enter the Menu Bar, then tap the Alt key again to exit the Menu Bar and return to the edit area, which should pick up where you were prior to tapping the Alt key the first time.  From this point, reading should work as expected.  You should be able to navigate and read by character, word, line, sentence and paragraph using standard JAWS reading commands and Windows navigation and editing commands.
I am working on step-by-step instructions for setting up a Windows computer to use JAWS or NVDA with the Java Access Bridge.  When it is complete, I will share it here.  In the interim, if you or your technical support staff could install the Java Access Bridge on the JAWS machine, then enable it in the Ease of Access Center inside the Windows Control Panel, you should be able to duplicate my results. 

  • Open Control Panel
  • Choose Ease of Access
  • Choose Ease of Access Center
  • Choose Use the computer without a display
  • On the very bottom line of the dialog should be a checkbox for Enable Java Access Bridge.  Make certain it is checked.
You may need to reboot your computer for everything to work.


Thank you very much! I will try your purpose.

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