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Is there a way to stop the Speakjet from saying ready on power on? So I can have my own startup sound?

I have the Sparkfun voice shield with the TTS chip.



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Look at page 11 of the SpeakJet User Manual, particularly EE memory location 237
which allows you to turn off the speech on power up or change the phrase spoken.

Unless you know what's exactly in the phrases in EE memory, it's probably just
easier to start overwriting it with your own phrases and set the "pointers" for
each phrase as you write them.

Edit: This is not something you want the Arduino doing everytime your app starts
up.  It's more like a one time config before putting the SpeakJet into the circuit.



Thanks, I thought I saw in the Manuel before but couldn't find it again. Should could I just set it to the sound codes?

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