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hi -

thanks for the new stepper library in Arduino 008.

i noticed the diagram for "Circuit for Bipolar Stepper Motors" is incorrect, in the Arduino 008 reference: arduino-0008/reference/StepperBipolarCircuit.html

the first diagram on the page, labelled "Two Pins", is just the same as the one in "Circuits for Unipolar Stepper Motors", and won't work with a bipolar motor. i think it's not possible to use ULN2003 for a bipolar motor. for two-pin control you could use an inverter plus h-bridge.

(also noticed that the stepper library reference isn't yet included on the arduino.cc Reference web page.)



Whoops...  thanks for noticing.  I updated the Bipolar Stepper page to include the right circuit.

The Stepper documentation is linked to from the Libraries page: http://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/Libraries, which is linked to from the top of the reference page.

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