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Hoeken: you should be able to just check out the library's folder directly into the libraries/ folder.  Then it can compile and be checked in to the repository from the same place.

jds: that feature has been requested a few times now.  I'll try to get into the the IDE.


That would be awesome Mellis. I have some strange issues/problems with burning .hex file that maybe can be solved this way (at least, I hope).


i'll try that.

can it handle libraries in multiple folders?

ie:  i have a library folder that contains multiple libraries:


if not, then its still a major problem to have to check out each individual library into the libraries folder.

i would still also like the file->open sketch option to remember your path, even if its only per-session.  i'm sure others would appreciate it too.


I think you might need to check them out individually, but once you do, you can update or commit changes to all of them by doing "svn update *" from the parent directory.

The IDE does seem to remember the last open path, at least on my machine (Mac OS X 10.4).  What OS are you on?  What happens (i.e. which path does it go to)?

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