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would it be possible to change the visual appearance of code-fragments on the playground.
The markup for it seems to be [@ some code @] but as the code-fragments also have a
white background like the rest of the pages it a bit difficult to seem where the code starts and where it ends.
I (obviously) like code to be prominently standing out on webpages.
Makes copy and paste a bit easier.

I made my pages with txt2tags where you simply had to apply some css-stylesheet for the change.
Does PmWiki support that too?


Good question.  There's some excellent documentation for PmWiki here: http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/DocumentationIndex.  Do you want to see what it would take to make that happen?


Good question.  There's some excellent documentation for PmWiki here: http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/DocumentationIndex.  Do you want to see what it would take to make that happen?

Yes, I'll see what I can do will take a short while since I have to setup a local installation of PMWiki for testing.


I found the right place already, wasn't that difficult once PmWiki was running.
All that needs to be done is to edit the css-stylesheet for the skin that is installed in PmWiki.

The tag in question is pre. That's everything enclosed by [@ ... @]. (usually code)
Here is an example that will make code-fragments look similar to the style used on  
Code: [Select]

pre {
     font-family: 'Andale Mono', courier, monospace;
     color: #0;
     background-color: #eee;
     border-width : thin;
     border-style : solid;

You need admin-access to the server for this, so for whoever is in charge here ...
  • go to the directory pub/skins/NameOfSkinThatIsInstalled
  • open file pub/skins/NameOfSkinThatIsInstalled/NameOfSkinThatIsInstalled.css
  • edit the styles for the pre tag
  • reload any page to see if it works



Awesome, thanks for doing the research.  It might be best to include this as part of the general visual redesign being discussed for the playground.  Tim, what do you think?


Gentoo-Wiki.com has a nice style for code.


Request : Maximum width for images
Should we agree on a recommended width for an image on the playground?
If the sidebar is on the right and the width of a image on the content is bigger than the browsers windows itself,
the sidebar will be pushed out of the window and is only reachable with the scrollbar.

I would suggest than images are not wider than 600 pixels? That would leave 120 Pixels for the sidebar until the good old "browser window standard width" of 720 pixels is reached.
Since this cannot be forced in any way, there should be some sort of "playground style guide" where things like that are mentioned.

Any comments on this?


tim hirzel

These are all good suggestions.  Perhaps discussion for the first round of edits could remain in the original thread as there are now style discussions going in both?  When Cheater comes back with our first skin, we can mull it over in that thread?  It's not a big deal to me, but its a little confusing to now have to read both to stay up to date on what is going on.  Also, I am not sure all participants over there are reading this thread, and I would like as much feedback as possible on this first revision for which I am responsible.

Eberhard,  part of my update is going to include a style guide.  Image width is a good point, I will include the 600 pixel image size suggestion in it.   Thanks for your research here too.  It will be very helpful as we get down to nuts and bolts.  

I am heading back to:

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