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Prior to version 11 I wrote a couple of small frameworks using pure virtuals. In order for this to work I had to define:
   extern "C" void __cxa_pure_virtual();
Just upgraded to version 11, and found that __cxa_pure_virtual is now declared for me. Trouble is, it is declared WRONG, without the extern "C". The compiler complains because the declarations don't match. If I remove the 'extern "C"', then the reference is not found by the linker and that dies.

I've worked around it by defining the library CppStubs and moving my definition of __cxa_pure_virtual (and delete) into there. Probably a better place for it anyhow.

But you might want to fix the declaration of __cxa_pure_virtual.


I didn't even know you could use virtual functions with avr-g++.  Does it actually work?

There's certainly no explicit definition of __cxa_pure_virtual in the Arduino source code.  Do you know where it's defined?  

Do you have a small, complete example of a sketch or program that use virtual functions?

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