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On the forum, as most(?) should have noticed, there's a thing that says IP Logged.

My question is, why state this?

The only purpose I see is to fill in free space


Or to create the same "safety" bs that the TSA does.

So anyone have any insite?

My true guess is that YaBB came with this stock, and someone was too lazy to get rid of it.


You're probably right.  As is likely obvious, we've done very little customizing of the forum.  It's on the to-do list.


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Any chance I could be put on the Forum crew?

Just gimme the list and I'll figure it out :)

A fair trade would be sending your source in a zip, then me modifying what needs modding and sending it back.


I'll get to it eventually.


but does it really log your ip?


I would assume it does,

These days, pretty much all sites, especially "boxed" ones (Forum platforms, Wordpress, etc)

There's very little reason to not track it, an Ip is only 12 numbers tops, and takes up very little space in a database.

As far as postitives, tracking returning, unique, registered users,

Reporting suicidal videos to cops(Guy that hung himself live on Stickam)



And anyway, the webserver does log any activity. Even if the forum app didn't store IPs, it would be easy to associate an IP to a certain post/action using only the Apache (for arduino.cc) logs.


And anyway, the webserver does log any activity. Even if the forum app didn't store IPs, it would be easy to associate an IP to a certain post/action using only the Apache (for arduino.cc) logs.

Not always.

Again, it all depends on the site admin, but some people disable/never enable the logging.


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It is certainly possible, but I don't know of any production server which don't log. Of course, those I know represents an extremely small part of the total amount of production webservers ;) But logs are too helpful on too many things to seriously considerer working without them, except maybe in some special cases, but I can't think of any.

To come back to the original question, I tend to believe that the little "IP Logged" logo refers to an actual function of the yaBB engine, and isn't only a graphic gimmick.


I get the feeling YaBB Was developed during the "dark age" of the internet, before everything was being logged.
(Was there a time like this?)

So they developed in the thing the "reassured" users their safety.

And just hasn't been taken out in future versions.

As far as it needing to be there for internal functions, 90% sure it doesn't, PHP doesn't all have to be shown,  if you wanted to, you could make a 5 page log php site which calculates the values of 500 variables, which it never actually shows anywhere.


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Of course it doesn't need to be shown, but I often see it put in forums in a way which could means "remember you're not anynomous, so don't act like [censored]"

So I believe that when you include such notice for your users to inform them you have the ability to identify them even if they change nicks, you'd better really have the feature enabled on the back end.

(ok this is pure theory, tor and proxies do exists, but most cyberstupids won't use them just to spoil a forum)

btw, yaBB developpement  started in "early 2000", their website says. Not exactly dark age, I don't even think there were still punched cards to enter information on forms, at this time ^_^


Everything you do is logged already... on webservers every hit is logged.
when you use your gmail google indexes the content , they know what you write... if you're chinese they will openly help the government come after you..
when you shop at supermarkets they log your credit card number, they know what you buy.
when you make a phonecall it's logged... when you walk around with your cellphone in your pocket it's logged
wherever you go.. it's logged.
when you logon to facebook this happens http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wogtTQs8Kzw
the list goes on and on and on

here it says IP logged it's because it's logged anyway even if nobody writes it :)


And as someone [Oracle boss?] once [mid-'90s] said, "You have no privacy. Get over it."


I'm pretty sure the arduino team is not the most intrusive out there and our community is not the most tempted to commit terrorists acts, so I don't care if my IP is logged, I can even tell you my real name and adress if you want ^^

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