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Doing a little (re)search on the net for things I can get to play with my arduino with and I came across some sonic range finders.

MaxSonar EZx
MaxSonar UT

I know in the EZ range the field is different but what is the difference between the UT and EZx other than the fact the UT is 1/5 of the price?


I think that the UT is the raw transducer, the EZ comes with some extra circutry that makes it A LOT easier to interface to for instance Arduino.


MaxSonar UT are just transducer

MaxSonar EZ ar the same transducer with electronics to drive the transducer and compute the distance.


How much harder is it to program with the UT?  I'm just looking purely at a cost side of things.  2 x EZ = $55 or 2 x UT = $12


How much harder is it to program with the UT?  

Well, if it's a bare transducer, generating the outgoing pulse is dead easy.

However, amplifying the returned echo, which may only generate a voltage of a few hundred microvolts is tough in software.
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A raw transducer is pretty much useless with Arduino.  You need electronic amplification & filtering followed by complex DSP.  Go with the EZ.  You may also consider Devantech - a similar product that can report multiple targets.

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