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I've noticed even really small programs (1192 bytes) take a lot longer to download when I program the chip (ATMega16) via my AVR ISP MKII (90 seconds) than when I download the same program via the bootloader (about 15 seconds.)  It's almost as if the direct option is programming the full 16K program space.  Or, perhaps it's using a very slow transfer speed.  I'd like to speed this up, but I don't know where to look.  Anyone have any ideas?


BTW, I'm using 0012.


The AVRISP mkII has some speed / bit delay option that apparently comes from the factory with a random setting (e.g. really slow).  You can adjust it with AVR Studio.


If you're a non-windows user, you can also set it with avrdude.  Sorry, I don't recall how to do it at the moment, but I had to do the same with mine and successfully used avrdude on the mac to speed things up.



Sorry, I should have specified I'm running on a Mac, so I'm not sure how to use AVRStudio.  If someone knows how to set this some other way, please let me know.  Thanks.


I googled "avrispmkii slow avrdude" and this was the second hit: http://www.lesto.com/andrewn/avr01.html #5 on that page says

Problem 5:  Slow ISP Programmer.
     AVRISPmkII was factory configured with a very slow SCK delays.

     Run avrdude in terminal mode and talk to the programmer to change the delay .

     $ avrdude -p m16 -c avrispmkII -b 115200 -P usb -tuF
                  wait for it to prompt you then:
     > sck 10
     > quit


Thanks kg4wsv!  That was exactly what I needed.


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