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I'm running Arduino 10 on OS X, and I have a timing loop running and printing serial messages.  I noticed my macbook fan started to spin up and looked into activity monitor to discover syslogd chugging away at 100% cpu.  Why?  Because Arduino is logging every serial message to system.log, keeping syslogd very busy.

Why does the Arduino sw do this?  Can this be disabled?  Even after I stopped the hardware syslogd was busy for a while, since I had so many messages buffered up (over 15MB of log for a few minutes of running, it was a fast loop!)


I think this is a consequence of how Processing (which Arduino is based on) handles the console: if I remember correctly, it prints messages to standard out, then catches those and displays them in the console.  I think Mac OS X puts anything printed to standard out from an Application into the system log.  


Yeah, this is super-annoying.  As long as you don't open the debug console it doesn't happen.  But as soon as you want to view debug messages the fan starts screaming and the CPU is hogged - sort of like negative reinforcement for debugging.  :(  I wonder if there's a way to avoid this?   :-/

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