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I have always wondered why the International section is placed where it is, It's become quite tiring, scrolling down to the hw/sw regions (I usually use my MSI Wind [10" screen 1024*600] while surfing, hence the need for sccrolling). I guess I could blame myself for the tiring part.  8-)

My name is Alexander, and I am an Arduino addict! ;)
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I would love:



Originally, I had them there because I didn't want to minimize people who are using another language.  But on further reflection, if you're interested in Spanish, you'll probably go straight to that board, so we might as well save the English speakers the trouble of scrolling past them.



I agree with AlphaBeta. And I think it looks better this way, Mellis. Thanks.

BTW, I was thinking why not to put a link to the arduino.cc site, on the top of the forum pages? Is it possible? Isn't it usefull?
The arduino.cc site has a link to this forum, but here there is no way back.

What do you think?


I was thinking why not to put a link to the arduino.cc site

Second that!
When using tabs, it's quite often I have to re-enter the URL.

If it is an easyfix/easyadd, I would love the link aswell.


I will when I have time to figure out Yabb's templating system.

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