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Hi there,
I've installed the USB driver of the Arduino for my MacBook (FTDIUSBSerialDriver_v2_2_9_Intel.dmg) and since then I cannot synchronize my IPhone through ITunes. I've tried FTDIUSBSerialDriver_v2_2_10.dmg and it's the same problem.
Does any one here have the same problem and a solution?


I've got a macbook, arduino and Iphone (first gen) and I've not had any problems.


It's weird ; thanks... The USB port is working with the Arduino board and with a mouse ; on the over hand my IPhone can still connect on my PC so I don't think it's an hardware problem....


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What does your iPhone do when you try to connect it? Does the iPhone realize it's connected at all?

A friend of mine just had this problem recently, where his computer and iPhone seemed to completely ignore one another when connected. This is how I fixed it for him.. (your mileage may vary)

Get a mac uninstaller program like "AppZapper" (change preferences to allow "safe" applications to be deleted) and essentially uninstall iTunes and everything with it. AppZapper will find and delete the configuration files.

I went an extra step and deleted the iTunes Library files as well. I left he actual media in place, just deleted the library files.

Anyways, then go download and reinstall iTunes.

It worked for me.


When I connect the IPhone, nothing happens, the IPhone charges but that's it !

I'll try your solution... But what do you call library files?

Thanks anyway,


AppZapper sounds a bit extreme.  I'd try just reinstalling iTunes first.

There is a known problem with an OS upgrade to Leopardwhere iTunes stops talking to the iPhone.  Not sure if that is your scenario, but it happened to me.  A simple download/reinstall of iTunes fixed it.



I've tried to reinstall but it didn't solve the problem...

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