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Is it possible within the Arduino IDE on Mac OS X to make the home and end keys jump the cursor to the beginning and end of the current line, rather than the beginning and end of the document?

I have checked the preferences, configuration, and forums and have found no mention of this. Is it just me that finds this default action annoying?

I know this is how it is meant to act on OS X, but I just can't stand it. I have managed to get most other applications to act in the desired way, but the Arduino IDE seems to ignore the system wide settings (along with a few other apps), and has no options for this itself.

Am I missing something? If not can I suggest this as an option for the next release? (I see I have just missed Arduino-13)



Yup, worst keyboard annoyance in OSX, isn't it?


worst keyboard annoyance in OSX, isn't it?

Huh? Home is the top and end is the, er, end of the document.  Has windows somehow bastardized this, along with all the other atrocities they've committed on the computer using world?

Coming back on topic, I'd like to see basic emacs commands ( ^A ^E ^P ^N ^K ^Y ESC< ESC> ) honored. I've sure tried them often enough; I guess it's a bit of a habit after 20something years of using emacs. :|



kg4wsv, Home and End were used to go to the beginning and end of the current row on PCs since long before there was a Macintosh.  We could probably find Home and End on IBM terminals before Steve Jobs even thought of getting into business.

In the data entry world, of which MacOS GUIs and web forms are just the latest whippersnapper upstarts, the Home and End keys are useful to go to the beginning and ending of the current single-line field, but OSX doesn't support that.

In a hundred-page document, or a thousand-line source code file, which is more commonly useful?  Go to the head of the current line, or go to the top of the document?  Which one should have a key devoted to that function?  Oh, you guessed wrong and jumped fifty pages away from where you were, and now you'll have to hunt.

I also use Emacs, but I don't expect every app to support those key bindings-- Emacs is a world unto itself.  I also think that the Arduino IDE is meant to be small and simple, but if you want to submit patches to support switchable key binding sets, it would be enjoyed by bobemoe and other users.


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Yes it is an major annoyance, especially after nearly 20 years of using these keys daily in my programming, I keep doing exactly that and finding myself at either the top or bottom of the document!

And yes, home and end keys have acted like this as far as I can remember, and seem pretty standard across most operating systems; Window, Linux, BSD, the list goes on. In fact Mac OS X is the only operating system that I've used that seems to stray from the 'norm'. I'm afraid we can't blame Windows for this one ;)

Anyway, custom key bindings would be ideal, even if it is just a case of adding an extra line to preferences.txt, or maybe a new file keybindings.txt

I might be able to hack in the home and end behaviour I would like to see, but it wouldn't be pretty! I don't think I could manage to read various layouts from a configuration file without a lot of research.

More and more things are making me want to move back to Linux anyway, but that's a whole other story! So I may not have this trouble much longer, but perhaps this is something to consider for a next release, sounds like a lot of Emacs users would appreciate it, and I'm sure a few Mac users too! :)

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