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I continue to notice more and more missing or incomplete info in the documentation. What is the best way to provide feedback for the docs? I could post here every time I find something, but that could clutter up the forums....



Just post your information here for now.

David Mellis has the last word on the documentation, so you'll need to get his attention, to work on the site.

He also has the last say about what and where things get documented so you may have perhaps seen documentation that got moved, edited or just deleted. But we're always looking to make it better so post your  suggestions please.



Yes, please post your suggestions.  The more detailed the better.  Also, if there are big pieces of information missing, you should write them up in the appropriate section of the playground wiki (and post a link here).  I'd love to find people who can help with the documentation; if you do good work we can give you an account to edit the main Arduino site.

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