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Hi all,  not sure if this is the right section but here goes....

Can anyone tell me if I can reconfigure one of the trigger pins, D0, as an output so I can use it to drive a Lilypad twinkle or something similar.  (I assume that if it is possible then I would have to use it as the base driver of a transistor switch rather than driving the LEDs directly.)

I would like to make a toy for my niece that plays an MP3 on the push of a button and LED's twinkle while the music plays.

thanks for your help.


Since no-one was able to help me I just gave it a go myself.

I modified the code so that T5 terminal is used as an output with an initial condition set to LOW.  I then updated all the code to reduce the input triggers down to 4. 

I then added an if else function to set the pin HIGH if a track is playing.

Only issue I came across when testing this code is that there is no way to stop a track that is playing without starting another track.  I further modified the code so that if the same trigger is activated a second time the track will stop playing.

When I tried to download the updated code I found that it kept thowing up errors.  I realized that T5 is also the RX pin for comms and comms is not possible if the pin is held LOW. OOPS!!  :o 

However I managed to work round it by triggering an MP3 to start playing, making the pin HIGH, then attempting to download the new code. This seemed to work OK but let it be a lesson, maybe don't mess with triggers 4 and 5 if you need to communicate with the device again!

So now the MP3 player can play 4 tracks, it will stop playing the current track in the same trigger is activated again.  If a new trigger is activated the track will be stopped and the new track starts, and when a track is playing an output pin will be high to drive external systems.  In my case I am using it to drive a Lilt twinkle via a transistor.  8)

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