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I've been using v13 in Windows 7. There is a fairly frustrating issue with using the scroll mouse. If you scroll the mouse slowly (like I normally do), the window does not scroll at all. To get the text to scroll, you have to violently move the wheel as fast as you can, but the text still only scrolls a couple of lines.

I checked the changelog for v14 and 15, and it doesn't look like this was addressed, which is why I did not bother to test the problem with those versions.



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I feel inclined to assume that this is a Windoze problem.
It's an alpha version after all. Maybe wait till SP1 (beta version) or even SP2.


Hahah, took me a couple reads to get that.

You are right, but as developers, we have to implement our own workarounds for microsoft bugs. There's no guarantee that MS will ever fix anything.

I saw a really funny book at Borders the other day:


Actually, the interaction with the OS and Java for input devices is very tricky.  Scroll-mice didn't really work at all in the earlier days of Java, and have been broken regularly as the hardware underlying the abstraction of the VM has changed over time.

I suspect neither Sun nor Microsoft have fully vetted the VM for use on Windows 7 for this reason.  The VM will be certified, with caveats, once Windows 7 has been released.

Check the Java BugParade to see if this has already been reported.  I also suspect that some releases of the VM will not be supported in this release of Windows.  If Arduino is bundled with a JRE on Windows it might actually not be supported.  There are ways to have Arduino use a different JRE, of course.
I yield() for co-routines.

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