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ah, cunning!

so if the atmega8 chip isnt there, will the board route the signal from the rx pin through to the usb connector?

i'll give it a go anyway.



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typical! dont you just hate it when you run out of usb cables......  >:(

i'll give this a shot when i get back from work tomorrow armed with a couple of extra cables! i've set up Terminal in OSX to listen to incoming serial data, so it should be able to tell me whats coming in, or not as the case maybe.



i use the same shematics, and it works.
But i spend a lot of time, searching for the reason why nothing happens: finally (Oh Lord!) i confused the direction of the midi jack! (its not easy to be supid like this...)
in this shematics, you don't see the the jack, the part on your breadboard.
its the connector, the cabel wich is shown.
perhaps this helps.
sometimes life is happy:)


right, i removed the chip, connected the midi device and the board together, plugged the board into the usb port, opened terminal and set up as per required to listen to serial communication, and still nothing. think i may have a hardware problem, as woo_oow seems to have got it working.

i'm using:

220R 1/4 watt resisitor
270R 1/4 watt resistor
1n194 diode
6n138 opticoupler darlington output.

all the parts came from Farnell.com, maybe i bought something incompatible..... :-?

cheeers for the tips so far guys, back to the drawing board.


so have you tried to flip connection 3 and 5 on the midi jack?

as woo_oow suggested the schematics might show the socket not the jack (or the other way around).

give it a try.

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