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I'm trying to send sensor information and relay states to my phone over the internet with an Ethernet shield, and I know the obvious answer is to use a web server and display it on a page. I can't port forward for a few reasons, so I want to somehow send the data to Firebase, where I can view it through an app made with App Inventor 2.  I've scoured Google for hours looking for a solution, but haven't come up with anything useful. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places. I found a Firebase library, but the IDE says it's incompatible.  If I'm going about this completely incorrectly, please let me know.


Cant you use an HC-05 (Bluetooth module) to connect to MIT?
It works great and you can send data from an to the arduino.

An other option (known by me) is the mysql library for arduino.
With an php script you can use MIT for that aswell, but than you need an local webserver too.

I dont know options for Firebase, so if my sollutions wont work for you, you have to wait for an other answer.

- Jordo
- Jordo


I could use the HC-05, prior to getting the Ethernet shield I was using it to send serial data to an android tablet which would then relay it to Firebase. I could continue doing that, but my problem was that I needed to keep the tablet on constantly because App Inventor doesn't support services and when the tablet went to sleep it would stop sending data.  I got the Ethernet shield to directly send data, and I want to access it from outside my network. I could run a webserver from my computer and use mySQL, but I'd have to look into that because I have no idea how that works and I don't want to port forward. (I'm assuming I'd need to?)


I could achieve what I want with Google Fusion Tables too, but I don't know how I'd do that and I don't know if it's possible for the Arduino to communicate with it.


If you are trying to save data to the firebase realtime database then there is a REST interface (https://firebase.google.com/docs/database/rest/start). You can code up the required POST requests manually starting with that docco and the HTTP POST example code that comes with your ethernet shield. No port-forwarding required as you are making a request outbound from your local router. However the big issue may be whether there is a plain HTTP:// endpoint available.  The standard arduino boards dont have sufficient memory or processor power to connect to HTTPS:// sites on thier own.

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