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I guess I agree that it ought to be easier to find, but I don't see how to fit it into that rather "terse" form that the arduino reference currently uses.   I suppose it COULD be like:

subroutine:  arduino does not use a "subroutine" keyword when defining subroutines.  See "functions"
procedure:  arduino does not use a "procedure" keyword when defining subroutines.  See "functions"
deffn:  arduino does not use a "deffn" keyword when defining functions.  See "functions"

repeat ad nauseum for any synonym for a C function that someone might be familiar with from some other language?  Seems a bit ... open ended?



[ Thank you westfw for contributing to this page, and by doing so, reminded me of it. I've tried to add some more to it ]


Given that the whole Arduino concept is supposedly an easy way for people to enter into the world of MC's and programmable 'gadgets', I would have thought a simple link something along the lines of..

Control Structures
  # if
  # if...else ......
  # Function definition
  # Return

would allow those who are just entering the game to find the page which already exists without having to resort to searching/ google/ finding a post in this forum.

It's all too easy to dismiss the need for help when you are at a level where you don't need it, but for those of us who have no idea about programming the arduino seeing a function in a sample sketch and then having to run the gauntlet of the internet to find out how the hell to use the facility find it extremely frustrating. Especially when eventually you find out the explanation is there but not linked!


I think something very similar to your example is the main page of the Reference. http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/Extended

Personally I never expected this site to teach me C/C++. To the great extent that it did, I see as a perk.

Other than the functions that are unique to AVR/Arduino (which are well documented) you can use just about any reference (book or web site) to fine applicable solutions to matters of programming. IMO

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This reference was part of the official Arduino documentation, on the language page, for about year, until Arduino management decided that it shouldn't be part of the language page documentation anymore.


I believe it was banished to the Foundations page, which is something of backwater off the Learning page. The management and I had an extended disagreement about including a top level link to the Foundations page off the reference page, with the result being that the top level link would be redundant and could not be included at the top of the reference page.

Of course there are many resources for learning C, but it happens that lots of students start working with the Arduino without having coded in C before. So I believe that more of this support material is justified.

I believe it is also easier for students to see examples in the environment in which they are coding. Others however apparently disagree.


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